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Ask Doug: What Would Be the DeLorean If They Made Back to the Future Today?

Hello, readers, and welcome to this week’s segment of “Ask Doug,” which involves you asking Doug, and then Doug providing some sort of response that may or may not be related to your question.

If you have a question for Ask Doug, please send it to my Facebook page, or email it to me at PLEASE NOTE: I am more likely to pick your question if your display picture is cool, or if it features some sort of cuddly animal, such as a capybara. See the Fisker Karma models for sale near you

Now, since this is the first week and we do not yet have any questions to choose from, I’ve decided to kick off the start of Ask Doug with my own question that covers a topic I’ve been pondering for quite some time; ever since my colleague Matt Farah sold his DeLorean, a car that is stainless steel, sort of like a refrigerator, or — if you are in prison — a toilet.

The question is: What would be the DeLorean if they made “Back to the Future” today?

For those of you who have not seen “Back to the Future,” please allow me to explain what happens. In it, Michael J. Fox spends a lot of time (Time! Get it?! TIME! HAHAHAHA) with his elderly high school professor, who has fashioned a time machine out of a DeLorean. The result is that Michael J. Fox goes into the future, and then the past, and then even deeper into the past, and then even deeper into the future, and a lot of hijinks ensue. Really, it’s a great movie, and if you haven’t seen it, please go watch four of my YouTube videos and then go see it.

Anyway, the question here is, if they remade “Back to the Future” today, which, of course, they would never do because it does not include a comic book superhero, what vehicle would they use for the movie? In other words, what is the modern-day DeLorean?

Before I answer this, I think it’s important to understand the context of the movie. Here’s the deal: It came out in 1985. By then, the DeLorean had already gone out of production, as it was built from 1981 to 1983. So, if we’re thinking of the modern-day DeLorean, we have to ask ourselves: What car has head-turning styling and comes from a startup company that already went bust?

And the answer is… the Fisker Karma.

Yes, that’s right. If they did “Back to the Future” today, I think Michael J. Fox would be driving around in a Fisker Karma with a flux capacitor on the back, and Christopher Lloyd would be shouting “GREAT SCOTT!” to the service manager at Fisker of Marin County, and at some point, Spider-Man would show up, because otherwise this ridiculous movie about a time-traveling high school kid would never be approved.

Allow me to justify my decision.

For one, the Fisker Karma is the perfect modern-day DeLorean because it, too, came from an uncertain company who was trying to produce a totally new model — until they failed very publicly. Also, the Fisker Karma is absolutely gorgeous, unique, head-turning. eye-catching, even if it’s about as fast as an airport baggage carousel (Incidentally, performance was also a problem that plagued the DeLorean).

And finally, the Fisker Karma is cool; it’s unique; it’s something different, much in the way the DeLorean was. Just imagine Michael J. Fox pulling the cover off a Fisker Karma, and standing there, asking Christopher Lloyd, “You built a time machine out of… a Fisker Karma? Or imagine the lightning hitting the clock tower, and the Fisker Karma taking off into the future, fire burning in its tire tracks. It almost sounds plausible, doesn’t it?!

Unfortunately, they will have to shoot this movie pretty soon, or else the general public awareness of the Fisker Karma will begin to die down, in which case they’re going to have to use a Tesla Roadster. Fortunately, filming can commence basically any day now because I’ve already solved the biggest problem of the movie for them. Now they just need to hire the actors: a new guy to play Marty, a new guy to play Doc Brown, and someone to play Spider-Man. Also, I think Doc Brown should replace his dog, Einstein, with a capybara. What a wonderful movie this could be! Find a Fisker Karma for sale


Find a Fisker Karma for sale


Doug Demuro
Doug Demuro
Doug DeMuro writes articles and makes videos, mainly about cars. Doug was born in Denver, Colorado, and received an economics degree from Emory University in Atlanta. After graduation, Doug spent three years working for Porsche Cars North America. Eventually, he quit his job to become a writer, largely because it meant that he no longer had to wear pants. Doug’s work has been featured in a... Read More about Doug Demuro

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  1. Love the idea as this for Doug Car – it has a ton of “TVR” type weird features, has a GM engine so you can go the local Chevy dealer and ask them to work on your “Chevy Impala XL”, the support from a bankrupt/sold/overseas owner would be frustratingly awesome to watch, and my guess is you would receive a lot of “what is that?” from strangers, whom you could tell “it’s the new Impala XL!”

  2. Hey Doug, were you aware that Ford wanted to sponsor the original movie and give them a Mustang to use instead of a the DeLorean? Here’s a clip from the documentary.

  3. 100% spot on!  I participated in a Facebook survey where they asked the same question (what car would Doc Brown use today) and I also suggested the Karma.  By the way – why not buy one for your next year-long test?

  4. Totally unrelated to this article….why is oversteer telling me there is nothing to load up on the front page?  So I Ask Doug:….what’d you do?                              
    OK we’re back. 
    Is there some other way to get to the Demuro stories other than  Are they all going to be posted on that front page? 

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