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Autotrader Find: 1986 Mazda RX-7 With 7,700 Miles

Here’s something I’m really surprised to see: a 1986 Mazda RX-7 that’s in truly pristine condition, touting just 7,700 original miles. It’s an amazing car, and it’s in truly amazing condition. And the most incredible part is that it’s not a Turbo or some other special model — just a regular ol’ RX-7 that someone preserved in the most pristine condition.

To start, a little history around the car. This is a second-generation, "FC" model, and it’s a 1986 model from one of the earliest years of production. It’s not a Turbo or a convertible or anything else special — just a base-level model with a rotary engine that made around 145 horsepower. That’s not a huge number by modern standards, but it was enough to make the RX-7 pretty sporty, as it weighed only around 3,000 pounds.

Most RX-7 models weren’t preserved like this one, as they were bought to be driven and were typically driven hard. This RX-7 is red with a gray cloth interior and a manual transmission, and, amazingly, it has traveled just 7,700 miles from new. The Carfax report has no entries between 1985 and 2019, which can happen for some older vehicles that were registered in the years before Carfax started picking up registrations, and it hasn’t been driven much since.

If you’re interested, this RX-7 is offered by GR Auto Gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for $24,900. That’s big money for a naturally aspirated RX-7, but this just might be the nicest one left. Find a Mazda RX-7 for sale

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