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Autotrader Find: 1991 Dodge Fire Truck Replica

Have you always wanted to drive a fire truck? Have you fantasized about being behind the wheel of one of those very big, very loud, very red trucks on your way to save the day? If you’re into that idea — minus actually putting out fires — then you’ll love today’s Autotrader find, a 1991 Dodge D-350 fire truck replica with only 21,900 miles on the clock. Specifically, a replica of the Squad 51 Dodge fire truck from the 1970s TV show “Emergency!,” which has also made an appearance on “CHiPs.”

Some Clarification

Now, to clarify, we’re not talking about a replica of a full-blown fire engine. Rather, this is a replica of a rescue truck from the TV show. What this truck does have is a stretcher, oxygen tanks and a fire extinguisher in the bed. It also has a working light bar and spotlights.

The Squad 51 truck that was in “Emergency!” was based on the actual specifications of the Los Angeles County Fire Department at the time.  This made the prop used in the show about as close to the real deal as you can get. In fact, the Squad 51 truck was donated to the real-life LACoFD after the show was canceled.  They then used it as a reserve unit until it was retired and donated to the Los Angeles County Fire Museum in 1999.

The basis of this truck is a 1991 Dodge D-350 dually.  On top of the rescue truck modifications and the paint job, not much had to be done to look like the original Squad 51 truck. It’s powered by a 180-hp 5.9-liter LA V8 engine, which may well have been the same engine used in the truck from “Emergency”.  The engine is linked to one of the coolest things about this truck: a 4-speed manual transmission.

Where can I get it?

This unique Dodge fire truck replica is for sale at Delray Beach Motors in Delray, Fla. with an asking price of $18,750. Whether you’re a big fan of “Emergency!” or you just think this is a cool old truck, this would make a very interesting addition to a collection. Find a Dodge truck for sale

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