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Autotrader Find: 1998 Chevy Corvette Purple and Yellow Pace Car

As you probably know, the pace car at each year’s Indianapolis 500 is a new model, being debuted by some American automaker to show off their latest product — although, for the last 20-plus years, the pace car has been a General Motors vehicle. Each year, GM makes some “replica” pace cars to sell to the public — and this is one such replica of the 1998 pace car.

The 1998 Indy 500 pace car is definitely one of the most striking, given that it’s a Corvette that’s finished in purple with yellow wheels. Yes, you’ve read that right: the pace car was purple with yellow wheels. It also has yellow seats, yellow graphics down the sides, on the hood and on the windshield. It’s one of the most unusual vehicles ever made, when you consider that its purpose was to show off the exciting new Corvette.

This particular 1998 Indy 500 pace car replica is currently offered by Fort Walton Beach Auto Brokers on the Florida panhandle, where it has everything: The yellow graphics, the yellow wheels, the yellow seats. It also touts a 6-speed manual transmission and just 5,225 miles, meaning someone preserved this Corvette, hoping this design would age well with time.

Whether or not it has aged well with time is a question the next owner must answer — and you could be that next owner, as this Corvette is offered for $34,995.

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  1. I’ve had a 1/18th replica of this exact car since I was like 12. I hate purple but I’d buy this thing in a heartbeat!

  2. Although I was never a fan of this version of Pace Car (generally not a fan of any PC, actually), I had a 1999 C5 convertible in silver over grey leather with a black top that was pretty much the same car and it was a phenomenal automobile.  It had an LS-1 as they all do, with a 6 speed and even though it was stock and was relatively fast (never fast enough), it looked great, rode great for a sports car and got 30 mpg cruising from SW Florida to Orlando.  It really was a great car, and now they’re practically giving them away as I think they have to be nearing the bottom of the depreciation curve.

    • I just bought a 3-car garage house and am determined to eventually get a C5 in that open spot. It’s got so much right about it even though it’s not rare or unique. I bet these start going up in value given the C6 really isn’t aging well. 

  3. Ok, by now people who buy corvettes need to learn this lesson: I don’t care how special you think it is, a corvette is not an investment no matter how few miles you put on it. DRIVE IT

    • Unless it was a 1963 Z06 or 1967-69 L88/89/ZR1 – in which case it would have been used as a race car. Drive your Corvettes, people. There are countless bores out there who could have paid less money for an older 911 pre-2012 and it would be worth six-figures now. Instead they are stuck with a car worth 1/2 of what it cost new while doing a worse job than a 911 at being an actual mode of transport.

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