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Autotrader Find: 2004 Mazda RX-8 With 15,000 Miles

Given the Mazda RX-8’s status as a sporty performance car, most people bought the RX-8 to use — and, thus, most RX-8 models have a lot of mileage. This particular RX-8 is an exception, as it’s a 2004 model with just 15,000 miles, which is less than any other RX-8 currently listed on Autotrader — by a factor of five.

Offered by eBuy Motorcars in Lemont, Illinois, a Chicago suburb, this RX-8 is finished in black with a red interior. It has the desirable manual transmission, rather than the automatic which actually brought down the car’s horsepower and performance. Enthusiasts may not like the fact that it has aftermarket wheels and a massive aftermarket stereo system that takes up much of the trunk, but those could be reversible for anyone looking for an ultra-low mileage RX-8.

As for the history of a 15-year-old car with just 15,000 miles, the Carfax report shows that it was sold new in Florida, where the first owner drove it less than 2,000 miles in five years. A second owner in Virginia drove it only 200 miles over the next four years, essentially ensuring this would be a “preserved” RX-8, as it had just 2,200 miles by 2012. Future owners drove it more than prior ones, but mileage is still exceptionally low.

And now, it can be yours. It’s offered for $13,900, which is a nice number for someone interested in an RX-8 that hasn’t traveled much distance — and maybe especially nice for someone who wants to show off the big wheels and massive sound system.

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  1. The alternator’s life has probably been significantly shortened and numerous panels vibrated loose as a result of all those subs.

  2. I imagine this was bought by someone inspired by Need for Speed Underground 2, It reeks of the whole ricer theme of the game.

  3. This car looks like some of those 15k miles were very hard. Not only the aftermarket wheels of bad taste and stupid audio system, but look at that steering wheel! The leather finish is almost all worn off. You can see it better in pictures on the ad, but on the face of the wheel it looks like there’s more wear spots than black finish.

  4. Clean Trade in value via NADA and MMR via Manheim auto auctions are both $2500 *including* an $850 mileage add. Somebody REALLY has to want this thing to spend over $7000 retail for it.

    • *But it’s cool, Low mileage and mint!, No low ballers! I know what I got! And the wheels and stereo system was worth at least 7000 back in 2005 while I was playing NFS in my mom’s basement!”

  5. I rrreally wish this was going for much higher!

    It is quite tempting at under 14 kroners. A great car to drive here and there for a probably a few years til the tips go, right chaps?
    (I was nearly tempted to buy one in ’09, but ended up wholly enchanted by a 24k minter ’04 MazdaSpeed Miata.)

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