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Autotrader Find: 2009 Chevy HHR SS With 85 Miles

Chevrolet went through a phase in the 2000s when it started slapping the SS badge on almost everything. It all started with the return of the Monte Carlo SS in 2000. Pretty soon, the Cobalt, Malibu, and even the TrailBlazer were wearing SS badges on their performance-oriented variants. Perhaps the oddest product of this phase was what you see in today’s Autotrader Find; a 2009 Chevy HHR SS. What makes this one special is that it’s in like-new condition with only 85 miles on the odometer.

What is the HHR SS?

The Chevy HHR was GM’s attempt at copying the success of the Chrysler PT Cruiser. GM wanted a PT Cruiser knockoff so badly that they hired the guy who designed the PT Cruiser to make a retro-inspired hatchback for Chevy. The result was the HHR, which stands for “Heritage High Roof.” It borrows design cues from the “Advanced Design” trucks of the 1940s and 50s, specifically the Chevy Suburban of that era.

The HHR sold reasonably well when it first came out and GM thought it warranted a high-performance SS model. It was a hot hatch that nobody asked for but was actually pretty cool.

The HHR SS is mechanically similar to the turbocharged Cobalt SS. It shares the same Ecotec LNF turbocharged inline-four engine which produces 260 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. Those are pretty respectable numbers for a Chevy hatchback from the 2000s that looks like an old Suburban. In case you’re wondering, that’s 80 more hp and 50 more lb-ft of torque than the turbocharged PT Cruiser GT.

Some other cool details of the HHR SS include an appearance package, a boost gauge, SS seats with “UltraLux” seat inserts, SS embroidery, four-wheel disc brakes, and performance-tuned suspension.

Why is it Missing Windows?

One very interesting detail of this HHR is that it’s an SS with the “Half Panel” option. Notice how the rear quarter windows are missing creating massive blind spots. The regular HHR had windows back there, the panel van version of the HHR only had front windows, but there was a rare half panel option that you see here that gave windows to the front seats and the back seats, but not the cargo area.

This HHR SS is available for sale in Milford, Michigan with an asking price of $30,000. If you admire the weirdness and the genuinely strong performance of the HHR SS and you’re looking for a really nice one, this might be the HHR for you. As long as you don’t mind big blind spots. Find a Chevrolet HHR for sale

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