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Autotrader Find: 2012 Range Rover Limo

Typically, limousine companies stretch the same few vehicles: the Cadillac Escalade, the Hummer H2, the Lincoln Town Car. Maybe a few others. It’s rare you see limo companies stretch a Land Rover Range Rover — but that’s exactly what we have here.

This is a 2012 Range Rover, and it’s a limo — a rare conversion indeed. Maybe rarer is the fact that this one hasn’t been further modified, meaning it doesn’t have any garish add-ons or tacky aftermarket wheels. Instead, it’s basically just a longer Range Rover. And it could be your longer Range Rover.

This particular Range Rover keeps the same usual Range Rover seats in the back, and adds two extras — plus an oversized center console for drinks and a TV. The stretch isn’t massive, but there’s certainly room for four rear passengers to relax and recline in stretched Range Rover style, looking a bit more understated and luxurious than your typical prom party stretch limo.

If you’re interested, this Range Rover is offered by Covert Ford of Hutto in East Hutto, Texas, which is north of Austin. This particular Range Rover has just 52,200 miles, making it dramatically low-mileage for a 2012 Range Rover — though reasonable for a limousine, since they rarely travel the same mileage as a normal car. This Range Rover is offered for $36,999, and it’s a good deal if you’ve ever wanted a Range Rover limo — since it would likely cost a lot more to convert one yourself. Find a Land Rover Range Rover for sale

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