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Autotrader Find: 2017 Ford GT for $1.5 Million

If you know about the new Ford GT, you probably know about the “no sale” contract, whereby Ford had purchasers of the car sign an agreement stating that they wouldn’t sell the GT for at least two years after buying it. Well, two years is starting to pass for the first-delivered cars — and they’re coming up for sale.

This particular Ford GT is outside of its two-year contract, and it’s currently offered for sale by Elite Autos in Arkansas — a well-known dealership in the Ford GT community for their expertise on the old model. But, clearly, Elite Autos plans to make an impact on the new Ford GT community, too, as this is the first one listed for sale on Autotrader.

As for the particulars, this is a 2017 Ford GT, and it’s finished in Atlas Green, which the ad says was a $30,000 option. It has a lot of factory options, it was completely covered in paint protection film, and it’s in fantastic condition — no surprise, considering it’s traveled just 538 miles from new. It’s a gorgeous car, and it’s offered for sale for $1.5 million.

That’s big money, considering that the original sticker price of this car was probably in the vicinity of $500,000 or $600,000 — but it’s no surprise, if you’ve kept up with modern supercar trends. Frequently, modern supercars sell for big money over their original sticker price — especially a car as rare and as tightly controlled as the Ford GT, which was only offered to people for specially chose to purchase.

If you’re in the market, more Ford GT models will surely arrive soon at dealerships as further 2-year contracts expire. Find a Ford GT for sale

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  1. Ford thought they were smart with the 2 year contract to prevent flippers, all it is going to do is make the first batch of car coming off the contract worth an insane amount of money.  I doubt these will stay in the 7 figure range for long, but when the supply of cars on the used marked is artificially low this is the result.

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