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Autotrader Find: 2018 Bugatti Chiron For $3.78 Million

If you’re interested in buying one of the most impressive cars ever made, you currently have the chance. There is now a 2018 Bugatti Chiron listed for sale on Autotrader — a “used” example with 358 miles. It’s offered by Lamborghini Newport Beach in Southern California, and the colors are quite impressive, with a blue carbon exterior and a red leather interior. The price? $3,782,250.

Although that’s roughly the same asking price as a new Chiron, the benefit here is that you won’t have to wait for Bugatti to build you one, which is a process that could take months or longer. This car is available right now, today, in its eye-catching color scheme, with its massive asking price and low miles.

So why is such a low-mile car for sale? The Carfax report shows only that it was sold new by O’Gara Coach, the Bugatti dealership in Beverly Hills, and delivered about seven months ago with 275 miles. It was registered in Montana, as many high-dollar supercars are, and now it’s offered for sale just 83 miles later, which is just a little more than the distance from Beverly Hills to Newport Beach, where the car sits now.

The Chiron is, indeed, an amazing car and a truly special piece of engineering. And Chiron models rarely come up for sale. This particular example is going to be a thrilling addition to a collection — assuming it’s driven by the next owner.

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    • I think most people who can afford this buy it outright rather than getting a loan, It’s sad when the monthly payment is not only more than I make in a year it’s also more than my tax return and when my wife got backpay from Social Security.
      Could you imagine how difficult it would be to ensure this? If you are active duty or prior service military or a family member of someone who served you can get USAA and they insure just about any vehicle.
      Must be rough if you can afford this outright… 

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