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Autotrader Find: 34-Mile 1992 Dodge Viper RT/10

If you’re looking for a special car, you’ve certainly found it here. This is a 1992 Dodge Viper RT/10, and it’s probably the most collectible Viper for sale on Autotrader. Not only is it a rare first-year model, but it’s traveled just 34 miles from new — and it’s only the 100th Viper ever built.

Let’s break this down a bit. When the Viper first came out, the 1992 model year was an abbreviated one — and the earliest cars were ultra-raw, with no roll-up windows and no roof. It soon became clear that this was a little too crazy for most customers, so a roof was added — and the windows, originally little window panels you could install in place, became traditional ones.

But the early cars are considered the rawest Viper models of the breed, and the closest to the original design purpose — and I suspect their values will start to go up. This particular example is especially special: not only is it an original 1992 Viper, but it’s traveled just 34 miles from new, meaning it’s in absolutely pristine, undriven condition. Even the original window sticker is still mounted on the windshield.

So what’s this Viper worth? It’s currently offered by Private Collection Motors in Orange County, California, with an asking price of $99,885. That’s big money by first-generation Viper standards, but of course, this is a special Viper — and I suspect someday it’ll sell for a lot more than that figure. Find a Dodge Viper for sale

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