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Autotrader Find: The Cheapest McLaren on Autotrader For $89,000

If you’re looking for a relatively cheap exotic car, this McLaren MP4-12C might be for you. It’s currently the cheapest McLaren listed for sale on Autotrader, and it’s offered for $89,000 — a bargain, considering its new price just seven years ago was likely around $200,000, and possibly more.

The $89,000 figure is also a bargain when you consider the performance: this is just as fast as any other exotic car from the era — Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Huracan — and yet it’s far less expensive than used examples of those models, which are all well over $100,000. The MP4-12C has lost more value than its rivals, and now you can take advantage of that.

Of course, there are probably some reasons why the MP4-12C is cheaper than rivals — like the fact that early models like this one are known for being a little troublesome to own, on account of the fact that they marked the return of McLaren to road car production. As a result, the “cheapest” MP4-12C may end up becoming pricier than you’d expect — but at least the purchase price is low.

This particular MP4-12C is finished in silver, and it touts a black and gray interior. It’s offered by a dealership in South Florida, and it’s traveled around 13,600 miles from new — a bit above average for a McLaren, but nothing especially concerning. Still, I’d try to get it with a good comprehensive warranty if possible. Find a McLaren MP4-12C for sale

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  1. Those headlights look a bit hazy, don’t they? I’d never buy a used supercar without knowing pretty much everything about the previous owner(s). If I don’t know the owner’s dogs name I can’t trust the car’s not been tracked at one of those “Drive a Supercar for a Day” events!

  2. Shockingly low price. Probably because “ vehicle carries a Florida Rebuilt Title due to minor rear end damage “

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