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Autotrader Find: Custom-Made 10-Seater Ford F-800 Hauler

What you see here is a 1997 Ford F-800, currently listed for sale on Autotrader, that’s been modified to be able to haul everyone and everything. What I mean is that this is a flatbed truck with 10 seats that can also pull a massive fifth-wheel trailer, as it’s doing in several of the images in this advertisement. It’s impressive, really.

We’ll start with the basics: This is listed as an F-450 because Autotrader doesn’t have an option for F-800, since those are usually commercial vehicles. This truck was apparently originally owned by the railroad and used as a crane truck, and the current owner removed the crane portion so it could instead be a hauler. He then added a sleeper cab from a semi truck and seats from a GMC Yukon, leading to where we are now: A massive, 10-seater Ford truck.

The sleeper cab looks like kind of an interesting place to be, with only one window (in back) and no obvious connection to the front of the truck — though it does have doors on each side to climb out. The bed portion of the sleeper was removed and replaced with seats, and the seller notes it has separate fans, heaters and LED lights in back “for long trips.”

Still, though, this thing is an amazing work, largely because there are few other vehicles that can transport 10 people and still haul a massively heavy, huge trailer — but this is one of them. If you’ve ever wanted to go on a long trip with your extended family, and all their gear, while pulling a trailer, here’s your chance. This F-800 is offered by a private seller in Meridian, Idaho, for $16,995.

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  1. The window in the sleeper actually appears to be facing the front, and I don’t see how that can seat five unless there are two people on the floor getting puked on by passengers facing the wrong way without any side windows. 

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