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Autotrader Find: Ferrari 430 Scuderia Manual Transmission Swap

Back in the mid- to late-2000s, Ferrari was finishing its conversion over to automatic transmissions, with manual cars going away pretty uniformly as automatics took over. The Ferrari 430 Scuderia came out during this era as a high-performance version of the popular F430 — and given Ferrari’s propensity for increasingly-faster-shifting automatics, it only made sense for this vehicle to come with an automatic transmission. So it did.

In the years that followed, however, manuals have seen a resurgence in popularity — so some people have converted automatic cars to manual. This particular 2008 430 Scuderia is one such vehicle: an automatic 430 Scuderia, as they all were, now converted to a true 3-pedal manual. It’s quite an impressive thing.

This 430 Scuderia is listed for sale by a private seller in San Antonio, Texas and it was converted to a manual using genuine Ferrari parts — including a Ferrari shifter, clutch, gear lever and other pieces borrowed from a regular manual F430. It’s amazing to see the 430 Scuderia this way, and this particular example is very likely the only such stick-shift 430 Scuderia in existence.

This Scuderia is listed for sale with 11,800 miles for $389,900, which is higher than the traditional market price for one of these with an automatic — but if you want a 3-pedal manual from one of the most visceral, raw and thrilling modern Ferrari models in existence, you don’t have much choice beyond this Scud. It’s certainly a special car.

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    • I wish I had the time, money and ability to flip cars like those… Perhaps one day I’ll be the next importer of the R34 Skyline GT-R and perhaps convert some to right hand drive…

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