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Autotrader Find: Highly Modified 1985 Toyota Pickup

What we have in today’s Autotrader Find, ladies and gentlemen, is a 1985 Toyota pickup truck that has seemingly gone where no previous 1985 Toyota pickup truck has ventured. Namely, it’s one of those crazy, lifted, expensive, too-nice-to-drive it show truck builds, with shiny everything and airbrushed graphics. I’ve never seen such a thing on a 1985 Toyota pickup … until now.

I’ll start with a general description of this pickup: it’s been "built." It’s bright red with giant graphics on the side, it’s lifted with huge chrome wheels and big tires and under the hood is a Chevy V8 with a "671 BDS Blower." Basically everything else has been customized, too, including the bed and the interior.

The crazy thing to me isn’t all the customization work — I’ve seen highly customized pickups before — but rather the fact that it’s all been done to an ’85 Toyota pickup. These were workhorses back in 1985; reliable little runabouts designed to carry lawnmowing equipment in the back — not vehicles intended to be preserved for an ultimate destiny as a show truck! Out of all the cool show trucks I’ve seen, I don’t remember ever seeing a Toyota from this era. In fact, the last time one of these was shown off in any capacity was Marty McFly’s dream car in "Back to the Future."

The funniest thing about this particular truck, to me, is what’s powering it: Despite the fact that the owner went through the trouble of going after a Toyota for a show truck build, it still uses a Chevy 350, proving that there’s really nothing those engines don’t find their way into.

Anyway, if you’re interested in this thing — and you should be, folks — it’s offered with 72,000 miles by a private seller near Columbus, Ohio for $25,000. Find a Toyota Pickup for sale

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  1. These were popular builds in the midwest around 1990-1993. I remember seeing trucks similar to this around from that time. I mean, usually it would be an F-150 but there was the Ranger/Tacoma builds out there too. 

  2. This truck has been passed around the area for years.  The original owner asked me monthly to trade for my Jeep but I wasn’t interested. 

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