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Autotrader Find: Imported 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser

If you’re interested in a special Toyota Land Cruiser, this one might just be for you. It’s a 70-Series model — never sold in North America, but renowned for its capabilities — and it’s been privately imported to the United States. Now it’s offered for sale on Autotrader.

This 70 Series has traveled 190,000 miles from new, and that wear is evident in the interior; the steering wheel is worn, and the seats have covers that likely hide damage from use. The exterior, however, is very nice; it looks good, with the recent blue color likely being a fairly new repaint. The truck is also lifted, giving it a tough, go-anywhere appearance.

According to the listing, this truck has a useful Terrain roof rack, a 4.5-liter 6-cylinder engine mated to a more modern 2007 transmission, and many off-roading accessories like the aforementioned lift, rock sliders and steel bumpers. It’s ready for basically anything — and the listing also says that it currently has a clean U.S. title, meaning the legwork with registering an imported car is already done.

If you’re interested in this Land Cruiser, it’s offered by a private seller in Miami for $20,000 — big money for a truck with 190,000 miles, but these 70-Series Land Cruiser models aren’t exactly growing on trees. Find a Toyota Land Cruiser for sale

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  1. Hey Doug, there’s a business in Miami that buys 25 yr old + Land Cruisers in South America (usually Colombia), puts more modern US-compliant Toyota powertrains (while still in South America), and imports them via Miami.

    They usually display 1-2 cars at the local Cars and Coffee events here.

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