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Autotrader Find: Imported RHD 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel

Here’s a rather special Autotrader Find: a 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser that’s dramatically different from every other 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser you’re likely to find in the United States. That’s because this particular Land Cruiser is a privately imported Land Cruiser, brought in from Japan, with a turbodiesel engine and right-hand drive. See the 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser models for sale near you

On the outside, you already have an idea this Land Cruiser is going to be a little more special than a usual American-spec model based on the paint scheme: The two-tone paint scheme was rare in U.S. Land Cruiser models, and ours were never offered in this color. We also never got this unusual (and utilitarian) steel wheel design. The tire on the back is also another giveaway, as U.S. versions of the "80 Series" Land Cruiser never offered such an option during their time on sale from 1990 to 1997.

Of course, the interior is where things really get unusual: Not only is this Land Cruiser right-hand drive, but it also boasts a cloth interior, which was tremendously rare in Toyota’s U.S.-spec Land Cruiser models. More importantly, it touts a turbodiesel 6-cylinder engine with a claimed 150,000 miles — a figure that would be considered "low" for U.S.-spec Land Cruiser models of the same era. The ad also notes that: there’s no rust underneath the Land Cruiser; there’s a new radiator and radiator hoses; fluids have recently been changed; and the climate control system has been overhauled.

The question, then, is whether it’s worth the asking price: This Land Cruiser is offered by a private seller in Southern California with an Arizona title and an asking price of $18,500, which is high for a Land Cruiser from this era. But, then again, there aren’t many out there like it. Find a 1992 Toyota Land Cruiser for sale

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  1. Doug please check your DM’s on insta for some cool land cruiser & LX570 photos – including a 2016 LX570 convertible  

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