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Autotrader Find: Luxurious, Low-Mile 1983 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham Limousine

You probably weren’t a big deal in the 1980s — if you were around at all. If you were fairly important, however, you probably drove around in something like a Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, which was as plush a car as Detroit was building in the late 1980s — and, amazingly, into the early 1990s. Our old pal Doug Demuro sunk into the pillow-top seats of a 1989 Fleetwood Brougham last year, and it may or may not have taken a couple of tow straps to get him out of it.

But for real movers and shakers, a standard Fleetwood was for their subordinates. The top dogs in the early 1980s rode in Fleetwood Brougham limousines, most of which later entered service as by-the-hour prom rentals. Stretch limos may have been fashionable, but real go-getters preferred the more versatile, city-friendly, shorter-wheelbase limos like this one.

This 1983 Fleetwood Brougham limo is, appropriately, at a Cadillac dealership in Nashua, New Hampshire, which is hardly the kind of town where you’d expect to find a pristine 37-year-old high-zoot luxury car that has been driven just 11,400 miles.

Forget the plush front seats on this one, the real fun is in the back. This limousine retains a stock foward-facing rear bench seat, which looks at a custom wood console containing a Panasonic tube TV linked to an Emerson VCR. That entertainment console is flanked by a pair of seats upholstered to match the rest of the interior, which were presumably intended to be occupied by those subordinates who merely drove their own standard Fleetwood Broughams.

This particular limo was apparently converted by Moloney Coachbuilders, a now-defunct Chicago firm that was at the top of its game in 1983, at least if this period profile in Luxury Coach & Transport magazine is to be believed.

There’s no indication as to why this particular Caddy racked up so few miles, but I’m willing to bet that its interior feels as good as new. For a hair under $20,000, it’s a lot of metal — and fabric like mouse fur — for the money. Find a Cadillac Fleetwood for sale

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