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Autotrader Find: Never-Titled 1997 Plymouth Prowler With Matching Prowler Trailer

Here’s one of the most unusual vehicles currently listed for sale on Autotrader. First, it’s a 1997 Plymouth Prowler, which is already unusual enough. This was Chrysler’s attempt at a cool, hot-rod-looking vehicle in the late 1990s, and this is a first-year example of the car in its signature color, which was bright purple. This car’s mere existence is odd.

But it gets stranger. This 1997 Prowler has traveled just 741 miles from new, making it likely one of the best-preserved purple 1997 Prowler models in existence. More importantly, the car is still on an open MSO, meaning it was never titled — so if you buy this Prowler, you would legally be the first owner. Yes, someone perfectly preserved this Prowler for 21 years.

And it gets stranger still, because this Prowler has a trailer. This 1997 Plymouth Prowler has a matching trailer that resembles the rear end of the Prowler itself, and it’s painted purple to match the vehicle — effectively doubling the storage space and providing an even more interesting sight to passersby. It is, quite simply, very bizarre.

And now it can be yours. It’s offered by Morrison Motor Company in Concord, North Carolina, north of Charlotte, and it’s listed for $46,900. That’s expensive for a Prowler, but this might just be the best Prowler ever: a never-titled, low-mileage example in the signature purple with a matching trailer. If you’ve ever wanted the best Prowler in the world, this is it.

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  1. Until i got to the end of the article I thought i was gonna see a purple prowler with a purple trailer meant to HOLD said prowler inside.

  2. The cardinal sin of the Prowler was that it didn’t come with a V-8.  Even the V-6 may have been acceptable had it been something with a lot more horsepower.  As built, meh. 

    • Think of it as the BMW i8 of its time. It had nearly as fast 0-60 times as the NSX, corvette, Ferrari f355 at 5.5-5.7 seconds. If you look at the i8, it’s almost as fast to 60 as an AMG GT, but not quite there, not to mention it looks like nothing else on the road, i8 and the prowler

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