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Autotrader Find: ‘New’ 2006 Hummer H1 For $497,000

In the Hummer community, it’s generally accepted that the final year of the military-style AM General Hummer was the very best. That’s because the last year, 2006, is the only year that the Hummer came with the reliable, powerful General Motors Duramax diesel engine, which was mated to the 5-speed automatic transmission.

This was an upgrade for the Hummer in every way: fuel economy, performance, and reliability — and 2006 Hummer H1 models, dubbed the “H1 Alpha,” are still tremendously desirable today.

And now you can own a new one again. Listed for sale here on Autotrader is a 2006 Hummer H1 that’s advertised as a “new” vehicle — and while it isn’t “new,” strictly speaking (the Carfax report shows it was sold back in 2006 to an original owner in Wisconsin and had 11,000 miles by 2015), it’s been overhauled to the point where it might as well be.

The overhaul was carried out by a company called Global Trans Vehicles, in Miami, Florida who is restoring H1 Alpha models to like-new condition — or, really, even better than new, with body-off restorations full of replacement parts, cleanings, rebuildings and improvements. For those who are disappointed that the H1 left the market just when it got the best engine and transmission, this is another opportunity to buy a pristine one — and judging by Global Trans Vehicles’ websites, these Alphas look as good as they did when they left Hummer showrooms back in 2006.

The obvious drawback, however, is the cost. Although H1 Alpha models are already expensive, virtually always selling for six figures, these are even pricier: Global Trans Vehicles has this one listed for just a shade under $500,000. That’s big money — but it’s a totally refreshed version of the best iteration of one of the great off-road vehicles around.

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  1. I’d buy a military model instead for a fraction of the price, Runs on virtually any diesel and was made to run on JP-8 jet fuel, Performance is abysmal and comfort/features are sub-par for civilians and we were in the military required to wear the ACH (Army Combat Helmet) which of course as a civilian you don’t have to.

    But I’d love to own an up armored version with the industrial strength AC unit.
  2. Honestly, I thought we were largely over the Hummer at this point… I don’t care about the abysmal fuel economy, but is it really even that great of an off-roader? You can ‘wheel in anything, so I’m not saying the Hummer can’t be taken offroad, but what’s that great about it? It’s wide, most of them seem to be fairly unreliable, the space efficiency inside is a joke… If you’re ok with “0-60 maybe” performance, why not go for a ‘small’ unimog instead? At least then you can build off the back to actually make it useful for camping, or carry more than a Jeep Unlimited, or crawl over practically anything. I agree the the H1 is “iconic”, but do we really think it’s “one of the great off-road vehicles”?

    Let me put it this way… you can get a new Unimog EarthCruiser starting at $580,000. How the heck is a H1, even fully restored, worth nearly $500,000?

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