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Autotrader Find: Nissan Titan Baja Truck From the SEMA Show

I’ve always found it odd that other automakers haven’t yet copied the Ford F-150 Raptor, the off-road-going pickup with awesome, crazy, muscular styling. But if you want an off-road pickup and you don’t like the Raptor, you can always make your own Raptor from another brand’s truck — and that’s exactly what happened here. See the 2016 Nissan Titan models for sale near you

This is a 2016 Nissan Titan Platinum Reserve, which sounds like a game ranch sponsored by a pickup truck, and it’s not just any Titan Platinum Reserve: It is the ultimate Titan Platinum Reserve. It’s a full-size pickup modified for Baja off-road racing, and it appears no expense has been spared. As you probably know, there are only two reasons why someone would build the ultimate full-size Baja racing truck: either a) for actual Baja racing, or b) for SEMA. This is the latter.

Yes, this truck was displayed at SEMA, the crazy aftermarket and custom car show in Las Vegas, and it must’ve been a sight to behold: It’s lifted, of course, with a crazy paint scheme, flared fenders, a new steel bumper, rear-mounted full-size spare tires and a cabin full of racing seats. And I don’t just mean in the front: This truck even has racing seats, with full racing seat belts, in the back.

This brings us to the next point: pricing, which is surprisingly reasonable. A standard Titan Platinum Reserve starts around $60,000, while this fully modified one is just $59,998 with only 2,100 miles — meaning you’re barely paying anything for all these off-road upgrades. Oddly, this Titan has found its way to a Hyundai dealer near Houston, North Freeway Hyundai, where you can buy it and live out your Raptor-in-a-Titan fantasies. Find a 2016 Nissan Titan for sale

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  1. It’s an open secret that SEMA vehicles don’t work properly. And finishing a custom car project is often an expensive part of the process. So for 60k you probably can’t live out your Yokahama Bird Of Prey kink. 

  2. Love that the rear seats were switched out to be the same as the front seats! That’s kind of cool although that looks like the only changes they made to the interior. Sort of lazy, I would have done something to the steering wheel. 

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