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Autotrader Find: One-Owner 1995 Saturn SL2 Time Capsule

This is the nicest Saturn listed for sale on Autotrader. It’s a 1995 SL2, and it’s offered by Harbor City Auto Sales in Melbourne, Florida, in unbelievably pristine condition, with just 53,110 miles. Best of all, it can be yours for $3,488.

Before I get further into this car and its history, let’s talk Saturn. For those of you who don’t know Saturn, it was a new brand launched by General Motors in the early 1990s with the goal of taking down the Japanese. At the time, other GM dealers wondered why GM couldn’t take down the Japanese using the brands they had, but, hey, what can ya do?

So GM came out with Saturn, and initially they had just three vehicles: the SC, the SL and the SW. The SC was the coupe, the SL was the sedan and the SW was the wagon. They were all compact cars, built in Tennessee, designed to take on popular, reliable compacts like the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla and Nissan Sentra.

At the time, Saturn had this cool idea that they implemented throughout the country. There wouldn’t be any haggling for prices at the Saturn dealer — you’d pay one price, and that was it. The whole sales atmosphere was ultra-low pressure. And the dealers weren’t named after Big Jim or Dealin’ Mike or whatever; they all had non-threatening names, like Saturn of Des Moines, and they also had non-threatening office furniture and non-threatening indoor plants.

As a result, Saturn was fairly popular with the elderly, and I suspect that’s who owned this car — largely due to its Florida location, its perfect condition, and its one-owner Carfax report. According to that Carfax report, this car was sold new in Keuka Park, New York, way upstate in the Finger Lakes region, in July 1995. After that, it was driven only sparingly; by 2005, it had just 27,000 miles on it. Eventually, it moved down to Florida, and now it can be yours.

No, the Saturn brand doesn’t have a lot of cachets — and even this, one of the nicest SL2s left in the world, clearly isn’t worth very much. But you’ve got to admit, it’s nice that at least one of them was preserved. I hope it goes to a next owner who appreciates what they have. Find a 1995 Saturn SL2 for sale

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  1. I had this exact car, in white! Base everything, locks, manual windows, stick shift. Except it had antilock brakes, pretty impressive for the time. It was also made of plastic. 

  2. Owned a ’92 SL2 w/ manual transmission. Had some pep and a bulletproof motor. The interior, however, was awful.  

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