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Autotrader Find: Perfect Mercury Marauder With 4,600 Miles … for $52,750

If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to own a Mercury Marauder, as I have, you may occasionally browse Autotrader looking for nice ones, as I do. And if you browse Autotrader looking for nice ones, you’ll surely run across this — the nicest Mercury Marauder in existence. It has a mere 4,617 miles, and it’s offered by a private seller in Santa Clarita, California, north of Los Angeles, for $52,750.


If that sounds like a lot for a Marauder, it is. The Marauder was sold in 2003 and 2004, and the original sticker price back then was around $34,500 with shipping. That was a big bump over the Grand Marquis on which the Marauder is based, but it was worth it: Not only did the Marauder have a more exciting appearance, with a blacked-out exterior, chromed wheels and chromed exhaust tips, it also touted a 302-horsepower dual-overhead cam V8, compared to the 235-hp single-overhead cam V8 in the Grand Marquis.


And, in the years since then, the Marauder has certainly become more collectible, with many owners preserving their cars, or at least keeping them safe from modifications and serious incidents. But, despite that, most Marauder models offered on Autotrader have at least 65,000 miles, and many are over 100,000 miles. It was, after all, a relatively affordable, relatively comfortable big sedan, so some people drove them frequently. But not this person.


While I’m not sure the seller will get the asking price of $52,750 for this Marauder, I am sure it’s likely the nicest one in existence. It’s good to know it’s out there, even if we don’t plan on buying it.


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