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Autotrader Find: Rare Manual Infiniti G20

Today the Infiniti brand is best known for leasing crossovers to suburbanites. However, the brand has a bit of a performance heritage under its belt with some pretty cool sport sedans in its past. Today’s Autotrader Find is one of them; it’s a 2002 Infiniti G20 with a manual transmission.

The Last FWD G-Series

This is the final model year of the FWD “P11” generation of the Infiniti G-Series before it was replaced by the much curvier RWD “V35” that was mechanically similar to the Nissan Skyline. The P11 was an improvement over the P10 it replaced with a multi-link beam rear suspension, a more balanced weight distribution, and a little more power in the later models like this one. It also got bigger with more interior space and luxury features.

Power comes from an “SR20DE” inline-four engine producing 145 horsepower and 136 lb-ft of torque. Those numbers weren’t bad for a car this size, but they also weren’t even close to the Lexus IS 300 at the time which had a six-cylinder engine making 215 horsepower. There was also the more modern-looking Acura RSX with a base engine making 160 hp which was upgradable to 200 hp in the Type-S model. The G20 was a bit of an also-ran in its segment, but it was praised for its sharp, refined handling and driver-oriented interior in its day.

Sport Sedan Bargain

The V35 generation of the G-Series is still pretty common, but you almost never see these older P11 models. You especially never see them in this nice of shape and the stick shift is pretty rare. It’s not the sportiest or most luxurious used car you can get, but it’s pretty sporty, pretty luxurious, and a pretty good bargain with an asking price of just under $6,000. If you have $6k to spend on a used car, this is much more interesting than a used Sentra. Find an Infiniti G Model for sale

Eric Brandt
Eric Brandt
Eric Brandt is an author specializing in Oversteer content, new car reviews, and finding the best car, truck, and SUV deals each month. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Eric can often be found exploring the north woods on his 1983 Honda Gold Wing when the weather allows it. Father of four, husband of one, and unapologetic minivan enthusiast. Eric mastered driving stick by having a 3-cylinder Chevy... Read More about Eric Brandt

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  1. I used to have an 2002 Infiniti G20, the 4spd auto. I got it from as a hand-me-down first car from my Dad. I liked how sharp it looked, but it was very small, the ride was rough and it had an electrical gremlin that the radio and wipers sometimes wouldn’t work with the engine on, but would always work while in ACC mode. Engine was fantastic and made more power than basically every other 2.0 for 10 years. I’d get another one it wasn’t so uncomfortable and got better than fuel economy my wife’s ’13 Impala (30 mpg hwy).

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