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Autotrader Find: Right-Hand-Drive Nissan Fire Truck

In the long list of "cars on Autotrader you don’t see every day," it’s easy to imagine that this one would be somewhere near the top of the list. It’s a 1991 Nissan Atlas, which is apparently some sort of large Japanese-market truck. Except this one has been converted to a fire truck and imported to the United States.

That’s right: The vehicle shown here is a 25-year-old, right-hand-drive, imported Nissan fire truck. It’s offered by Triad Mitsubishi in Graham, North Carolina, half-way between Durham and Greensboro, and it can be yours for $10,995. It also has one of the most comprehensive Autotrader listings I’ve ever seen, with 60 unique photos that show virtually every aspect of the vehicle (which, it should be noted, is listed as a "Nissan 350Z," as Autotrader doesn’t have a section for the imported Nissan Atlas). Unsurprisingly, many of them are very red.

Although I don’t know anything about the Nissan Atlas — largely on account of the fact that I’ve never even seen one or heard of one until today, when I was writing this — I’ve learned that the Atlas has been on sale in various forms since the early 1980s. It’s a Japanese commercial vehicle, and the Wikipedia entry about the Atlas is largely filled with pictures of giant flatbed models, presumably used by businesses to carry big things. Or, paint it red and make it a fire truck.

To me, $10,995 is a pretty good deal for this thing — especially considering it has just 8,728 miles on it. If you’ve ever wanted to fight fires without waiting for the fire department to show up, this could be your chance. Find a Nissan for sale

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