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Autotrader Find: Ultra-Rare Aston Martin DB AR1

Although most people have never heard of the Aston Martin DB AR1, I’ve always felt it was something special — not because of its rarity or how it drives, but because of how it looks. I think this unusual Aston Martin is one of the most beautiful cars ever manufactured, and now there’s one for sale at Marshall Goldman Motors, near Cleveland, for a whopping $348,900.

So what exactly is the DB AR1? It’s an Aston Martin that was sold in 2003 and 2004, at the very tail end of the DB7 model’s production run. It’s essentially a DB7 underneath, with a body that was reworked by Zagato, the legendary Italian design house that frequently works with Aston Martin. Just 99 cars were produced, and the result, in my opinion, is truly breathtaking, a glimpse at what the far-less-eye-catching DB7 probably should’ve looked like. It’s an amazing car.

Unfortunately, Zagato didn’t touch the interior, and the result is that the DB AR1 still suffers from the same basic problem as the DB7 — a lackluster cabin with a lot of borrowed parts, including some from Ford models. Still, when you climb out of your DB AR1, you can turn around and gawk at one of the most attractive automotive shapes in recent memory.

Sadly, you and I won’t be able to do the gawking, because that $350,000 price tag is well beyond what any of us can pay for a car — especially a 14-year-old Aston Martin. Nonetheless, this vehicle has clearly been well preserved for whoever does buy it next: It was sold new in Southern California and lived there until a 2016 move to Illinois; it’s now listed with just 3,693 miles on the odometer. Find an Aston Martin DB7 for sale

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  1. 350k?! I swear I used to see these in DB7 listings for around 60 or 70k. Sure this is in great condition but I pity the fool who actually pays 350k for this guy.

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