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Autotrader Find: Ultra-Rare Hummer H1 Slant Back with 500 Miles

This Autotrader find is a 2000 Hummer H1 – a rare vehicle by itself.  But this one is unique for a few other reasons.  First, it’s a rare factory slantback model, of which only 40 were built over the original Hummer’s 15 years of production.  Second, it comes with just 500 miles on the odometer, making it likely one of the lowest mileage Hummer H1s left in existence.

The civilian version of the military Humvee was produced from the 1992 through 2006 model years.  Keep in mind that from 1992 to 1999, AM General was technically the vehicle’s manufacturer, while ‘Hummer’ was its model name.  GM bought the Hummer brand in 1999, and starting in 2000, the vehicle we’re looking at today was known as the Hummer H1.  Over the course of the OG Hummer’s 15 years on sale, five bodystyles were offered.  From most to least popular, they were wagon, four-door open-top, four-door hard top, two-door pickup, and slantback.  For a more detailed look at the Hummer H1’s history, check out this article I wrote outlining full production and sales figures for the vehicle’s entire run.

On to this H1 in particular – and it is proper to call it an H1 given that it hails from the 2000 model year.  Also on that note – 2000 was when GM had just gotten involved with the Hummer brand, and while GM did eventually put its own touches on the H1, this one will be pretty much identical to the civilian Hummers that preceded it.  It’s black with silver wheels and it comes with a beige interior.  Under the hood is a 6.5-liter turbodiesel V8 mated to a four-speed automatic transmission.  Unfortunately, while the listing includes tons of photos, it doesn’t include any of the open hatch, though the cargo area looks to be about the same as it is in the wagon, with a decent amount of floor space and direct access via the second-row seats. The selling dealer, located in Jonesboro, AR, hasn’t listed an asking price, but with so few miles, expect to pay well over six figures for this rare Hummer H1 slantback. Find a Hummer H1 for sale

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