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Autotrader Find: Yellow 2004 Porsche Carrera GT For $779,991

Right now, at this very moment, my all-time favorite car is listed for sale on Autotrader. Unfortunately, I cannot purchase it, as it’s more than a little pricey. The car in question is a 2004 Porsche Carrera GT finished in Fayence Yellow, one of only about 40 Carrera GT models made in this color — and it’s listed for $779,991.

My association with this car goes back many years, as I originally saw one on the street in 2005 and absolutely lost my mind, in the way that a car-obsessed 17-year-old does when he sees the latest and best supercar. Back in 2005, I thought it was the greatest car ever made, but I couldn’t afford one, as I was just a high-schooler — and over the years, as I’ve started to earn money, the Carrera GT has started to increase in value. I’m no closer to getting one now than I was back then.

But, if I won the lottery, this would be the car I’d buy — in this color. This particular example (which is the yellow one that came off the production line just before the yellow one I actually saw all those years ago) is offered by Texas Hot Rides in the Dallas area, and it boasts just over 6,000 miles. The price is exceptionally high, but absolutely within the market range for this car: The Carrera GT has shot up in value recently, and the “unusual colors” — beyond the regular silver or gray — command a huge premium.

Unfortunately, it won’t be mine — but it’s still fun to gawk at this ad and wonder “what if…” I imagine some of you will feel the same way.

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  1. I could almost be certain that i’ve seen this car before. It was a sunny day in the pits at the now defunct Texas World Speedway (ca. 2005), and the owner had bragged about recently selling his silver Carrera GT w/ a massive 8.5k miles on the clock. Just moments later a little 20′ nondescript white bumper tow trailer came to the track, and out rolled a shiny yellow CGT just like this one. His wife jumped in solo and they headed directly back to Houston at the end of spending the day with another orange RUF car they owned. I had never seen a more beautiful car and still have not seen better. 

  2. While the Dodge Viper may have had a reputation as a dangerous car I’d rate this one as even more dangerous, Paul Walker died driving this.
    If you ever get to buy one PLEASE BE CAREFUL! I’m serious!
  3. Very nice. I dated a gal whose father owned a Carrera GT in Fayence Yellow (among other cars, most of which I also want). Was wondering how many were produced in this color. He sold it because it was “too scary”.

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Doug Demuro
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