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Bargain Alert: Jaguar Dealers Are Offering $20,000 or More Off New XF Sportbrake Wagons

One of the best new-car deals available right now might be a combination that was unfathomable just a few years ago: a Jaguar station wagon.

The British automaker dabbled in wagons with its Ford Mondeo-based X-Type a while back, but the bargain of the moment I’m talking about is a car far more deserving of the prancing kitten that adorns its grille, trunk lid and steering wheel. It’s the Jaguar XF Sportbrake, a car the automaker introduced to American consumers in late 2017 for the 2018 model year.

Flash forward more than two years, and Jaguar dealers scattered across the U.S. still have new XF Sportbrakes for sale. Even a few examples of the XF Sportbrake First Edition are available brand new. Yes, that’s the special high-zoot trim package that was intended to sell out almost immediately and thus whet collective appetites for XF Sportbrakes to come.

Because these cars have been languishing on dealer lots for ages, there are some hefty discounts available. A Jaguar dealer in Waukesha, Wisconsin — a Milwaukee suburb so distant that its residents probably root for the Minnesota Vikings — has new 2018 XF Sportbrakes, including this one, with loan car-like mileage for a staggering $30,000 off of list price.

The discounts are nearly as big in Norwood, Massachusetts, where Land Rover Range Rover owners have been borrowing this $25,000-off-MSRP XF Sportbrake while their SUVs are getting an oil change. Head out west to Bellevue, Washington, and the discounts are nearly as big: $20,000 off MSRP nets you this white XF Sportbrake, which is advertised with mere delivery mileage.

The XF Sportbrake’s limited popularity in the market is not the fault of the car itself. With turbocharged 4-cylinder and supercharged 6-cylinder power paired with standard all-wheel drive and ZF’s glorious 8-speed automatic transmission, the car is a proper performance machine. Jaguar doesn’t offer an XF R-like vehicle in wagon form, but that’s just fine because the standard cars fulfill the brand’s sporty-but-not-quite-AMG niche just fine.

The cars haven’t been a hit with consumers because, unless a three-pointed Mercedes-Benz star is glowing up front, Americans simply don’t want expensive wagons. BMW has tried on and off with its 5 Series, including the ill-fated 5 Series Grand Touring, and Audi has dabbled in both the A6 wagon and Subaru Outback-with-fancy-leather A6 allroad forms to limited success. Volvo will sell you a V90, but only if you order one. That leaves Mercedes and its E-Class wagon, which was good enough for our Tyler Hoover, and Jaguar and its XF Sportbrake.

There might not be a bigger new-car bargain right now than the XF Sportbrake. Find a Jaguar XF Sportbrake for sale

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  1. I’m a wagon fan and I love the exterior of these a lot, but the interior looks kind of plain and not up to the price point of these wagons.

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