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The Cheapest Fisker Karma on Autotrader Is Just $27,500

Over the last few years, I’ve followed pricing for the Fisker Karma, as I’ve been curious to see how they’re losing value. I’m actually surprised to see that they held their value pretty well — better than many other “orphan brand” vehicles, likely due to their advanced powertrain and desirable, interesting design.

But they’re starting to get cheaper and cheaper, and now they’re starting to poke under $30,000. This particular 2012 Fisker Karma is currently listed for sale on Autotrader for just $27,492, making it the cheapest Fisker Karma in the country — and not an all-around bad deal when you consider what you’re getting.

So what exactly are you getting? Well, the Fisker Karma was a plug-in hybrid sedan that was sold in the early bit of the 2010s, using a General Motors 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder mated to electric powertrains. The Karma could go around 40 miles on electric power alone before the gasoline engine kicked in, which wasn’t (and still isn’t) so bad. The real benefit, however, was the styling, which made the Karma look like a concept car for the road — far more expressive than the Tesla Model S that was debuting around the same time.

Although Fisker went out of business, the Karma is still a desirable car, largely due to that expressive styling — and it still looks fresh, modern and cool, even today. If you’re looking to pick up a rather special plug-in hybrid at an increasingly affordable price, the Karma may be for you — and specifically this one, since it’s one of the many cheap hybrid vehicles for sale on Autotrader.

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  1. There is nothing more expensive than a cheap fisker karma. This INE is likely riddled with problems and will require 10-30k to get right.

  2. OK, found an old article from when they first came out, and here is what they had to say:

    First, the good news. The Fisker Karma’s gas-electric powertrain stirs up 403-horsepower, propelling it from zero-to-60 in just six point three seconds. And it can travel up to 50 miles on battery power alone. Then the 2-liter, 260-horsepower, 4-cylinder gasoline engine will take you another 250. But here’s the twist: the gasoline engine doesn’t power the wheels. Instead, it spins a generator which charges the battery pack.

  3. The question is – can the revivified company provide parts and do maintenance on the pre-bankruptcy cars? If that’s the case, this is a great deal.

    • Different drivetrain and motor.  I’m sure a few body panels and interior parts can be replaced, but 70% of the parts are not the same.

  4. I Know you don’t do Doug Cars anymore but I think this would be a great one. It’s a really crazy car that would be interesting to watch what would happen if you bought one like this. Will it just fall apart? Is it fun?

    • I think this would be more in Hoovie’s wheelhouse. The DougCars were all well thought out purchases and this one would be a disaster.

  5. Always loved the look of the Fisker Karma’s, and even didn’t mind the GM drivetrain ones but with their ridiculous ~$300K pricing, ugh, no thanks. 

    How is the performance of the original hybrid designs?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a road test of the original ones.

    • They were more around $110k-128k new. I went to the dealership when they first came out and looked at them…still have the brochure!

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