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Chevy, Please Make a High-Performance Version of the Cruze Hatchback

Good job, Chevy! You’ve managed to make the new Cruze hatchback look fantastic. You’ve caught on to the hatchback trend, and I hope you sell a million of them. That being said, take a look around: Almost every one of the Cruze’s hatchback competitors has a performance version. And the Cruze should, too.

Volkswagen has been the king of this game for quite some time now with the GTI. I’ve long said that the GTI is just about the perfect car — which is why I bought one. Then Fords came out with the Focus and the Fiesta ST, which reignited the hot-hatch wars. Both of those cars have been quite successful, and both have engaged with a new stratus of enthusiasts that the Mustang couldn’t really cover. Ford’s success has encouraged others, too — FIAT has the 500 Abarth, and Hyundai has tried their best with the Veloster Turbo. There’s even a market for $35,000 super-hot hatches, with the Golf R, the Focus RS and the Civic Type RFind a 2017 Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback for sale

But look at your lineup, Chevy. There’s nothing there for an enthusiast who wants to go fast while carrying friends and things at a reasonably affordable price. Sure, you have the Camaro — but some of us like to see outside of our vehicle, and we know those rear seats are pretty much useless for everyone but contortionists. The only “usable” performance car you currently sell is the Chevy SS — and while it’s a fantastic car that more people should buy, it’s $47,000.

You have the pedigree to do it, too, Chevy. You made the Cobalt SS, remember? The Cobalt was a pretty terrible car to begin with, but you made that thing go around the Nurburgring faster than any other front-wheel-drive car. You mercifully took the Cobalt behind the woodshed, but the SS heritage must live on!

How hard can it be?

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  1. Interesting  factoid. The redesigned Cruze is, at least for the first year, Toyota reliable. For the first time I can remember, the Chevy product is more reliable(by quite a bit) than the competitive Honda, since the current Civic, at least the first year or two, is not particularly reliable. Chevy should work this in advertising somehow, and grab some Toyota/Honda  loyalists back. (From  Consumer Reports.)

  2. I fully agree, they killed off far too many SS’s (Malibu, Impala, Cobalt, HHR, Blazer, Silverado), which made GM lose the high-performance vehicles they had in so many segments. I’d love to see GM make more SS’s by the time I’m in the market for a fun daily in 4 years.

  3. I can’t imagine it being anywhere near the quality of a GTI but hey, I’d still love to see one! 

    Ford’s are OK, but they never seriously want to sell many of them since they all are manuals. Same with Honda Si’s. Never really understood why other than they are admitting they don’t have good enough DSGs to go against VW. 
  4. Great thought, similar to the mystery of why there isn’t a Honda Fit SI. 

    Also, have we all noticed that Ford is making a performance version of the majority of their cars? They’re the one brand following through on what all enthusiasts want. 

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