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Days After Price Cuts, Tesla Drops Least-Expensive Model Y SUV

Don’t go looking for a sub-$40,000 Tesla Model Y any time soon, even though the California-based electric car builder briefly offered a lower-price version of its entry-level SUV as recently as last week.

Tesla quietly dropped the $39,990 Model Y from its website just days after the automaker announced the new model. Now, the cheapest Model Y is $48,990. The price jump was first noted by Electrek.

The sub-$40,000 version was called the Model Y Standard Range because it was to be rated at 244 miles of electric range compared to as much as 326 miles for the Model Y Long Range. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said in the past that he didn’t see a reason to produce a Model Y SUV with less than 250 miles of range, so the version’s recent appearance online was something of a surprise.

The rear-wheel-drive Model Y Standard Range lost part of its electric range due to the fact that it lacked an electric motor to supply power to the front wheels, like that in the Model Y Long Range.

It’s not clear if Tesla will convert any of the Model Y Standard Range orders to actual production vehicles, however. The Model Y Standard Range may never exist.

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