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The Early Lamborghini Gallardo Has Aged Wonderfully

The Lamborghini Gallardo first went on sale back in 2004, which is now, amazingly, 15 years ago. Lamborghini did a lot to the Gallardo over the years, updating it, adding endless special editions and revising it to the hilt before finally replacing it with the Huracan — but to me, the original Gallardo is still a very nice-looking car.

I had the chance to see a few original early Gallardo models recently — I stress “original” because many have been poorly modified — and I must admit their styling is fantastic. It’s hard to believe the Gallardo came out at the same time as the Ferrari F430, which has a much fussier design that didn’t age anywhere near as well. F430 models now very much look like they hail from the time period they were from. But the Gallardo, somehow, looks newer.

Part of this is undoubtedly because the Gallardo sparked a bit of a trend in Lambo styling that continues to this day, ushering in the modern era of Lamborghini that also welcomed the Murcielago in 2003. But I personally think the Gallardo has aged better than the Murcielago — and while newer Gallardo models still look, well, newer, the 2004 Gallardo is a shockingly gorgeous car despite its age. When looking at a Gallardo, it’s truly hard to believe it debuted the same year Ferrari was still building the 360, and when Ford was still making the oval-shaped Taurus.

It may be from a different era, and the e-gear transmission certainly wasn’t very good — but the shape of the original Gallardo has endured, and I suspect it will very much go down as a classic Lambo, even despite the “entry-level” status it had compared to the Murcielago. Find a Lamborghini Gallardo for sale

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  1. Well the Taurus comment is only sort of true. It was being made, but was less oval after the 2000 facelift. Point is valid though, at that time is was old. 

    The best example of what was out in 2004 was the Mustang. That thing was riding on parts of a platform that was 27 years old!

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