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Ferrari’s CPO Program Covers Surprisingly Old Vehicles

Here’s something you may not have known: You can buy a certified pre-owned Ferrari that’s unusually old. I recently discovered this while browsing for Ferrari models on Autotrader at 2 am, as one does, and I was surprised to find that many Ferrari models that are over a decade old are still listed as “certified,” with a factory warranty.

I checked into this, and I discovered that Ferrari’s certified pre-owned program can be extended until the car reaches the 12th anniversary of its original sale date — meaning there are some 2006 models that can currently be listed as “Ferrari certified.” In fact, there are even some late 2005 models that qualify — meaning you can buy a 575M or an F430 with a factory warranty.

Currently listed on Autotrader, there are about a dozen Ferrari models from 2008 or earlier that offer the factory warranty. Unlike other certified pre-owned warranties, this one doesn’t come cheap — most automakers include several years of coverage with their vehicles, but Ferrari only includes one year, and you can renew annually for around $6,000 until the car is 12 years old. That’s a lot of money, but it’s also good peace of mind — something that’s important when you’re driving a car like this.

So what older Ferrari models can you get with a certified warranty? Ferrari of San Antonio has a 2008 F430 Spider that they’re offering with a CPO warranty, and Ferrari of San Diego has a 2008 599 GTB. Miller Motorcars in Greenwich, Connecticut, even has a certified pre-owned 2005 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti with a true 6-speed manual transmission — an amazing rarity.

As for the warranty itself, Ferrari’s is pretty good, offering comprehensive coverage for most items, rather than only offering powertrain coverage. But, again, this coverage lasts for only a year. After that, you have to pony up again for another year or roll the dice — a very expensive annual decision.

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  1. That F430 is maybe the best looking car ever to me. Just really, really good looking! Made before the black wheels were a thing and a little less of the newer “organic” and more machismo styling. 

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