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The First Nissan 350Z Is For Sale on Autotrader

The Nissan 350Z might not be your favorite member of the Z-car legacy, but it’s hard to argue against the car’s significance. It launched the Nissan Z into the 21st century, with a radical new look that signaled the return of the affordable sports car from Nissan after a brief absence. The current 370Z might be more stylish and offer better performance, but the 350Z still has plenty of charm — while offering some genuine fun behind the wheel.

Normally I’d say they’re also a great value on the used market for a cheap driver’s car, but that’s hard to say for this 2003 Nissan 350Z Track Coupe, for sale on Autotrader for $48,500. For reference, a brand-new 2018 Nissan 370Z starts at just under $30,000, and you can upgrade to the NISMO Tech package and still only spend $45,690.

So what makes this 350Z — for sale at Don Davis Nissan in Arlington, Texas — so special? It’s the very first one. That’s right: It has VIN #0001, which (according to the dealer) makes it the first Nissan 350Z to roll off the production line back in 2002, for the 2003 model year.

However, that isn’t even the only reason you could argue this coupe’s price is justifiable. It has the Track package, the top trim for this model year, which adds Brembo brakes, Bose premium audio, navigation, a front air dam, a rear spoiler and Rays lightweight wheels. This was the nicest Nissan 350Z money could buy in 2002. And the Track Package helps keep this Nissan relevant and somewhat competitive with newer sports cars, considering the 350Z is starting to show its age.

Not only do you get the extra goodies of the Track package, but this Z is extremely gently used, with only 173 miles on the clock. Some lucky Texan got the very first Nissan 350Z ever built and didn’t drive it. It makes you wonder why the original owner opted for the Track package if they had no intention of driving the car. Also adding to this car’s value is the fact that it might be the only unmodified Nissan 350Z left on the face of the earth.

Is the very first Nissan 350Z worth almost $50,000? Would you rather spend less money and get a brand-new Nissan 370Z NISMO? It might seem like an obvious choice, but it’s hard to put a price on a small slice of automotive history. Find a 2003 Nissan 350Z for sale

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