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A Ford Flex EcoBoost Is a Good Car Enthusiast Family SUV

If you’re a car enthusiast interested in a fun family car, you’re probably a bit dismayed by the current crop of family crossovers. While years past have provided many interesting family SUVs — the Acura SLX, anyone? How about the Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited? — modern SUVs are a bit blander, a bit more mass-produced and a bit less car enthusiast-friendly.


But there’s one that stands out. That "one" is the Ford Flex EcoBoost, and it stands out because it has everything a car enthusiast is looking for. For one, the Flex isn’t at all a "lookalike" midsize crossover, as many car enthusiasts complain about how the styling of most crossovers is just too similar. Not so with the Flex, which is boxy and unusual and special. Some people call the Flex ugly, but I often find that these are the same people who complain that crossovers all look alike. So what do you want?!


Another special aspect of the Flex is the "fun" quotient. Although the base-level Flex isn’t very exciting, Ford took its boxy family crossover and shoved in an optional 365-horsepower turbocharged V6 — which is pretty amazing. It’s essentially an unusually shaped performance SUV, and it can do 0-to-60 mph in something like 5.9 seconds, which is a truly incredible figure for a crossover this large. Short of the Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 and other similar high-end vehicles, few family haulers are this fast.


And then you have the rarity factor. Not surprisingly, a box-shaped Ford crossover with a big engine isn’t a strong seller — and, in fact, Ford is canceling it. The regular Flex is a bit rare, but the EcoBoost models are especially rare and quirky, which is another win for car enthusiasts who want their family hauler to stand out from the norm.


And so, with that in mind, you have it all: a family crossover that doesn’t blend in with everything else, a family crossover that’s actually surprisingly fast and a family crossover that’s rare and quirky. What more could a car enthusiast want? Of course, there are many Flex EcoBoost models on Autotrader right now with an average asking price of $27,000 — and many older ones are much cheaper than that. Find a Ford Flex for sale


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