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GM and IBM Team Up for New OnStar Go Project

We can thank auto giant GM for a slew of storied American-made cars. We can thank the brains at IBM for creating the first personal computer. Now, these two corporations are partnering up to create OnStar Go, the auto industry’s first cognitive mobility platform.

By combining the power of OnStar with IBM Watson, GM is hoping to allow drivers to connect and interact with their favorite brands via personalized content delivered through the dashboard and other digital channels supported by the OnStar Go ecosystem. The goal? To make the most of time drivers spend in their cars.

Time Well Spent

“On average, people in the U.S. spend more than 46 minutes per day in their car and are looking for ways to optimize their time,” said Phil Abram, Executive Director, GM Connected Products and Strategy.

“By leveraging OnStar’s connectivity and combining it with the power of Watson, we’re looking to provide safer, simpler and better solutions to make our customers’ mobility experience more valuable and productive.”

Connect and Conquer

The partnership between GM and IBM will give drivers and passengers tools that make them safer and more efficient. These technologies will help you avoid traffic when you’re low on gas, activate a fuel pump and pay from the dashboard interface, order a latte on the go or get news and entertainment based on your preferences and your location.

The new cognitive mobility platform also lets brands design Watson-enabled consumer experiences — for instance, an app that reminds a working father to pick up baby formula at the pharmacy a few miles before his exit, so he won’t have to rush out again once he gets home. Meanwhile, a traveling foodie driving in a new city can use the platform to get dining recommendations from celebrity chefs.

“OnStar Go with IBM Watson transforms time wasted in the car into time well spent,” says Paul Papas, global leader for IBM iX. And after all, who couldn’t use a little more time in their day?

OnStar Go will be in more than 2 million 4G LTE-connected vehicles and millions of GM app-enabled mobile devices in the U.S. by the end of 2017.


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