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Here Are 5 Collectible Pickup Trucks For Sale on Autotrader

In years past, collectible vehicles were almost always cars — typically sports cars with some high-end luxury vehicles thrown into the mix occasionally. These days, trucks and SUVs are gaining huge popularity among collectors. These five pickups listed for sale on Autotrader are highly collectible, and I suspect their values will rise — and as you can see from these listings, their prices are already pretty high. If you want to get a special truck, now might be the time, before prices get completely out of hand.

1986 Chevy Pickup

1986 Chevy Pickup – $19,181

Although this Chevy truck is probably the least collectible of this bunch, it’s still highly desirable. It’s a cool, step-side pickup truck with some neat graphics and roof-mounted lights in excellent condition. Old trucks like this are rare — and while it’s more common to see “special edition” collectible trucks like the ones below, finding a “regular” truck is a lot more challenging. This Chevy pickup is offered for $19,181 by Frankman Motor Company in South Dakota. Find a Chevrolet Pickup for sale

1990 Chevy 454 SS

1990 Chevy 454 SS – $41,000

This 1990 pickup isn’t just any ol’ Chevy truck — it’s a high-performance 454 SS model, with a huge V8 engine for big power. It also features special wheels and badging, and its star is on the rise, as collectors are turning toward rare older trucks. This 454 SS is offered by Hayes Auto Sales in Roseville, California near Sacramento for $41,000 — big money for a truck, but this one is also pristine. It’s traveled just 725 miles from new. Find a Chevrolet Silverado for sale

2004 Dodge Ram SRT-10

2004 Dodge Ram SRT-10 – $79,043

The Dodge Ram SRT-10 is the most powerful pickup truck ever made, and this particular example is likely the most desirable of the lot. It’s a rare “Viper Club of America” model, one of just 50 with this paint scheme, and it’s traveled only 1,500 miles from new. Since it’s a short-cab model, it also features a manual transmission. The truck is listed for sale at CNC Motors in Southern California for $79,043. Find a Dodge Ram SRT-10 for sale

2000 Ford F-150 Harley Davidson

2000 Ford F-150 Harley Davidson – $36,900

The Ford F-150 “Harley Davidson Edition” was offered in the late 1990s and early 2000s. It was a special version of the F-150 with various Harley tie-ins, like chrome wheels and Harley-colored accessories. This is probably the nicest Harley truck in existence, as it touts 1,074 original miles and a truly pristine interior and exterior. It’s offered by GR Auto Gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan for $36,900. Find a Ford F-150 for sale

1991 GMC Syclone

1991 GMC Syclone – $71,500

The GMC Syclone was the first real high-performance truck, the first one that truly felt ultra fast and comparable to sports cars. Syclone models were made only in 1991, and they’re quite rare, especially examples in nice condition like this one, which has traveled just 31,600 miles from new. This Syclone is offered by Buxton Motorsports in Evansville, Indiana for $71,500. That’s a lot, but these are increasing significantly in value. Find a GMC Syclone for sale

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