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Here Are 5 Good Certified Pre-Owned Luxury Cars for Under $30,000

One of my very favorite things is searching Autotrader for certified pre-owned luxury vehicles, because there are just so many options, and they’re available so cheap. Buying a new luxury car is nice, but getting one for half price when it’s only a couple of years old is even nicer — and here are five examples of luxury vehicles (with a factory-certified pre-owned warranty!) that are still quite new, but relatively cheap, as each one of these is under $30,000.

2016 BMW 528xi

2016 BMW 528xi – 42,400 Miles

This 2016 BMW 528xi is an all-wheel drive, reasonably well-equipped version of the popular BMW 5 Series. It comes with BMW’s certified pre-owned warranty, which offers one additional year of coverage beyond the factory warranty, though drivers can pay for additional coverage. It’s listed by BMW of Sterling in Northern Virginia with 42,400 miles for $29,500. Find a BMW 5 Series for sale

2016 Cadillac ATS AWD Coupe

2016 Cadillac ATS AWD Coupe – 21,500 Miles

This 2016 Cadillac ATS is an interesting version of the entry-level car, as it’s a coupe — the rarer of the two Cadillac ATS body styles — and an AWD model, which is also relatively uncommon. If you’re looking for an AWD coupe, though, there aren’t a huge number of choices, so this could be highly desirable. This particular example is offered with 21,500 miles and Cadillac’s generous CPO warranty for $29,500. Find a Cadillac ATS for sale

2016 Infiniti QX60

2016 Infiniti QX60 – 31,500 Miles

The Infiniti QX60 is a nice 3-row luxury crossover that offers good pricing from new — and even better pricing on the used market, especially when you consider certified pre-owned examples, as Infiniti’s CPO offers no mileage cap in most situations. This particular QX60 is available with just 31,500 miles from Infiniti of Nashua, in New Hampshire, and it’s listed for $29,500. Find an Infiniti QX60 for sale

2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport

2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport – 43,000 Miles

The Land Rover Discovery Sport is an entry-level Land Rover model, but it’s highly versatile, as it offers a roomy interior, and — in this case — a desirable third-row seat. This Discovery Sport is also offered with Land Rover’s excellent and highly comprehensive CPO warranty, which is among the best in the industry. It’s listed with 43,000 miles by Jaguar Land Rover Cincinnati, and it’s offered for $29,500. Find a Land Rover Discovery Sport for sale

2016 Volvo XC70 T5

2016 Volvo XC70 T5 – 31,100 Miles

The Volvo XC70 is a luxury wagon-crossover thing that’s highly sought after among drivers who want a nice, comfortable luxury vehicle that can carry the whole family — without upgrading to the size of an SUV. This XC70 is listed as a front-wheel-drive model, which is a demerit compared to the most capable AWD, but it’s still desirable — especially since it includes Volvo’s excellent CPO warranty. It’s offered by Stadel Volvo in Pennsylvania for $29,500. Find a Volvo XC70 for sale

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