Here are the Best Early 2000s BMWs For Sale on Autotrader

I’ve always felt that the best era for BMW was the early 2000s, when BMW was making gorgeous cars with excellent lines, great performance, beautiful interiors and wonderful engines. A lot of people agree with me, which is why BMWs from this era seem to be increasing in value — and today I’m showing off the five best BMWs from the early 2000s currently listed for sale on Autotrader.

2001 BMW 740i – $8,880

The "E39" BMW 7 Series, which was made from 1995 to 2001, is the best-looking 4-door sedan ever made — and the "M Sport" models, which were offered in 2000 and 2001, were the best of the best, with gorgeous wheels and a perfect look. I especially prefer short-wheelbase "M Sport" models, which this one is — and it’s currently offered with 123,000 miles by Mudarri Motor Sports in the Seattle area for $8,880.

2000 BMW M Coupe – $29,995

The BMW M Coupe is one of the most interesting BMW models of all time, as it was essentially a high-performance hatchback version of the popular Z3 Roadster. This M Coupe uses the less powerful "S52" engine, with 240 horsepower, which was replaced in 2001 by a 315-hp "S54" powerplant — but I selected it anyway because I love this color, which perfectly fits the car. This M Coupe is offered with just 52,000 miles for $29,995 by Elite Motors in Virginia Beach.

2002 BMW M5 – $21,550

The "E39" BMW M5 is becoming a highly sought-after collectible, with many people believing it to be the best M5 ever created — the perfect combination of right sizing, an excellent interior, handsome styling and an analog driving experience. This 2002 M5 is finished in blue with a black interior, and it’s traveled just shy of 90,000 miles; it’s currently offered by Bobby Rahal Motorcar Company in the Pittsburgh area for $21,550.

2002 BMW X5 4.6is – $5,995

The original BMW X5 doesn’t have much of a following, but it was one of the great BMWs of the early 2000s — a simple, sporty luxury crossover with a clean design and excellent sizing. Although there was no "M" version of this X5, the powerful 4.6is stood in for an X5M, boasting 340 hp and a 6.5-second 0-to-60 time. This particular X5M is finished in beautiful Estoril Blue, and it’s offered with 143,000 miles by Hilbish Ford in Kannapolis, North Carolina, for just $5,995.

2001 BMW Z8 – $208,900

The BMW Z8 was the pinnacle of the early 2000s BMW experience, with its gorgeous styling and big V8 up front. The closest "modern BMW" has ever gotten to a supercar, the Z8 has appreciated a bit in value over the years — no surprise, as it’s certainly a special car, and it’s quite rare. This 2001 Z8 is offered by Marshall Goldman Motors in the Cleveland area with 5,600 miles, and it’s listed for $208,900 — big money, of course, but very much in line with other Z8 models.

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