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Here Are the Cheapest Audi R8s For Sale on Autotrader

Later today, I’m going to explain my thoughts on why the original Audi R8 was such a success. But before I get there, I wanted to show you the cheapest Audi R8 models currently listed on Autotrader. No, this isn’t actually a listing of the very cheapest R8s, because that would be dull — instead, I’m showing you the cheapest R8 models of several versions. You have, for instance, the cheapest V10, the cheapest manual, the cheapest dual-clutch car, the cheapest convertible, and, of course, the overall cheapest R8. Enjoy!

2000 Audi R8

The Cheapest R8: $59,492

This is the overall cheapest Audi R8 currently listed for sale on Autotrader — a rather fetching light-blue 2008 model (from the R8’s first year) with an R-Tronic automatic transmission and an unusually high 61,000 miles on the odometer — accounting for the low price. Offered by HGreg in Doral, Florida, this R8 is jut $59,492 — a far cry from its original price and potentially an excellent deal, even in spite of the miles, given its clean interior and exterior. Find a 2008 Audi R8 for sale

2009 Audi R8

The Cheapest Manual R8: $67,800

This is the cheapest stick-shift R8 on Autotrader: a 2009 model with 37,683 miles and, indeed, a true gated 6-speed manual transmission between the seats. Despite its exterior finish in Audi’s most common color — silver, of course — the interior is primarily black, save for the bright red seats. Offered by Sanfer Sports Cars in Miami, this R8’s asking price of $67,800 reflects its reasonably high mileage and its early model year — but that desirable stick shift still seems to be commanding a premium over the automatic. Find a 2009 Audi R8 for sale

2010 Audi R8

The Cheapest R8 V10: $75,000

An available V10 engine was added to the R8 for the 2010 model year, and this is the cheapest V10-powered R8 currently listed for sale. Offered by a private seller in Imperial Beach, California, just south of San Diego, this 2010 R8 V10 is black with black wheels, and it’s listed for just $75,000. It uses an automatic transmission, and it’s likely so cheap because of its history: Carfax reports this R8 has a California rebuilt title stemming from a 2014 accident in Georgia. Nonetheless, if it was repaired right, this could be a good deal for someone especially interested in a V10-powered R8 without spending a fortune. Find a 2010 Audi R8 for sale

2011 Audi R8

The Cheapest R8 Spyder: $78,991

The cheapest R8 Spyder currently listed on Autotrader is this one: a 2011 R8 Spyder with a V8 engine, aftermarket wheels and the R-tronic automatic transmission. Offered by Brickell Luxury Motors in Miami, this R8 Spyder is listed for $78,991 with just over 25,000 miles — and, like the other R8 models on this list, it appears to be in excellent condition, though it has a few aftermarket modifications. It took a few years for Audi to offer a convertible version of the R8, which is why this is so much more expensive than the cheapest coupe — and R8 Spyders seem to be holding their values nicely. Find a 2011 Audi R8 for sale

2014 Audi R8

The Cheapest Dual-Clutch R8: $92,990

Probably the very best first-generation R8 models — aside from the stick-shift examples, if that’s your thing — are the 2014 and 2015 versions with a dual-clutch automatic transmission. The dual-clutch was only offered in those years, replacing the increasingly outdated R-tronic, and it’s known to be quite robust. This is the cheapest R8 currently listed on Autotrader with that desirable dual-clutch: a black 2014 R8 Coupe, currently offered for $92,990 with just under 35,000 miles by Elite Motorcars in the San Francisco Bay Area city of Concord, California. Find a 2014 Audi R8 for sale

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