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Here’s a Ford Focus Converted into a Weird Pickup

Here’s something you don’t see every day — or ever. This is a Ford Focus that appears to have started life as a regular Ford Focus sedan, before eventually being converted into a pickup truck. It looks like it may have even been a rental car, as it has the “rental car barcode” in the window. I bet nobody who rented this thing to go to Disneyland ever thought it’d turn into a curiosity.

But, indeed, it is a curiosity. It’s a white Focus sedan and yes, it has a pickup truck bed — something that was crudely assembled in back. Even more crudely done is the fuel door, which has no semblance of style at all — instead, it’s just a big square cut out of the poorly made bodywork. Fortunately, it has a key lock.

Beyond the appearance of the car, the construction is also very suspect: The sides coming down from the window appear to be made of wood, which isn’t the best material for automotive construction, and the window itself seems to be some sort of plastic piece possibly found in a dumpster. The whole thing is ridiculous.

But, then, it’s ridiculous in a good way. I love seeing stuff like this, and I always wonder what went through the car owner’s mind. Was it really cheaper and easier to take a Ford Focus and convert it into a pickup, rather than simply sell the Ford Focus and buy one of the many cheap trucks for sale on Autotrader? Is the pickup actually used? Is it functional? Does it carry stuff? And is it really better than a trunk? Or, maybe a better question, is it really better than a Focus hatchback?

We’ll never know the answer, but I’m glad sightings like this exist to make us wonder.

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  1. Cool to see my car getting some attention.

    It’s a work truck – the perfect urban work truck. Small enough to park comfortably and negotiate the tight alleys of the city. It is currently indicating a composite average of 37mpg. Throw a broken toilet in the back to take to the dump, hose it out and and you can fill it with clean stuff. An amazing amount of stuff for such a small bed.
    Those aren’t gas doors, they are lockable storage for things like snow chains, tools and the hardware for the retractable lumber rack. 
    I bought the car wrecked, cut off the crashed part, welded on a steel skeleton, covered it with wire mesh, foamed the wire, shaped the foam, glassed it and had it painted. Then put it to work right away.
    It might be a bit rough but it does have over 100k miles and several years of hard work since the conversion. A successful project!
    • Hey, Merry. I saw your focus and was thinking about the same fix for my son’s Taurus. He hit a tree dead center with the rear. Do you have any better photos of the back? I’m especially interested in your window and the back seat space.

  2. It probably got rear-ended sometime in it’s life, The owner pocketed the insurance money and converted into something unique.

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Doug Demuro
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