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Here’s the Highest-Mileage Tesla Model S For Sale on Autotrader

You know how you see electric cars and you always think that the people driving them are reined in by their electric powertrains and long charge times? Well, whoever owned this 2014 Tesla Model S wasn’t. This Model S is only three years old, and it’s traveled 109,600 miles, making it the highest-mileage Model S currently listed for sale on Autotrader.

Offered by Idrive1 Motorcars in the Dallas area, this Model S has even covered more miles than any other electric vehicle currently listed on Autotrader — even electric vehicles that are many years older. Not surprisingly, it’s a one-owner vehicle, since it would take one very dedicated person to drive it so much; it was sold new in June 2014 in Simi Valley, California, near Los Angeles, and it piled on all 109,000 miles by September 2017, when it was sold at auction. That’s 2,800 miles a month, which is truly impressive for an electric vehicle. The owner of this car was probably well acquainted with all the charging stations in Southern California.

Anyway, it’s listed for sale for $34,900, which is a pretty decent deal if you’re willing to take on a high-mileage Tesla; even though this version is a fairly basic Model S, it was still a pricey luxury car when it was new — and people who see it on the street won’t know it’s covered half the distance to the moon. Interestingly, it even looks like the interior has held up well, though it’s hard to tell precisely how well from online pictures.

In sum, the point is this: Here’s a really cheap Tesla that’s driven really far. And now you can own it. Find a Tesla Model S for sale

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