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Here’s a Hilarious Car Dealer Special Edition

If you’ve spent time in the car business working at a dealership — or for a manufacturer with some slow-selling products — you know there’s no end to the promotions and incentives that can be doled out to a car to help it sell, especially in its final few model years. This often means creating “special editions,” wherein a car will be given special badging by a dealership (or even a few area dealerships) to make it seem more unique than it is, enticing buyers to purchase it.

There are many of these car dealer special editions running around, but I was especially taken with this Lincoln Town Car I saw a few weeks ago. This is the Town Car “Cape and Island Edition,” meant to celebrate the car’s special edition status with the community of Massachusetts’ Cape Cod, along with the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket off the coast. I wonder what dealers said 20 years ago to help move these “Cape and Island Edition” cars.

While most dealership special editions are little more than a pinstripe and a decal on the back, I was surprised because this one went the extra mile: it has “Cape & Island Edition” written in cursive on the front fenders, the trunk, and even printed on an actual emblem on the rear portion of the vinyl roof. This dealer really, really wanted to move a few extra Town Cars in Eastern Massachusetts back in the late 1990s.

For all we know, this is the only Cape & Island Edition of this car in existence. Perhaps it was the only one the dealership dolled up this way to try and make a sale to someone who wanted a more special car than the regular Town Car. Either way, I thought it’d be funny to check out for those of you keeping track of the unusual “dealer special editions” that occasionally pop up here and there. Find a Lincoln Town Car for sale

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  1. Grandma had a 94 special edition, like that.  Forgot exactly what it was called, but she was white withe blue vinyl top and blue leather seats.  It didn’t look all that special to me, but she bought it used off a friend with no miles on it and in immaculate condition for next to nothing.  Grandma had that car till 2017 until she could no longer drive.

  2. That vinyl roof is most likely part of the package, too.  I don’t think that model Town Car came with any vinyl roof option from the factory.  And then, of course, there’s the rare “wheel cover delete” option.

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Doug Demuro
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