Here’s a Look at Used Honda Civic Type R Pricing

The FK8 model of the venerable Honda Civic Type R has finally made its way to our shores by way of its production line in Swindon, England. After two model years, there are currently 89 used CTRs listed nationwide here on The 2018 Type-R starts at $34,700 brand new — but I’ve noticed some huge wings lurking in some of my nearby used car dealership lots. What should you expect to pay for a used Type-R? Let’s find out.

We’ve seen Doug’s thoughts on the Type-R, as well as my own (and the "other Oversteer Will" even makes an appearance), but if you’ve already decided that you want one, and if you’re looking for a used option, we’re here for you. The cheapest used R available in the U.S. on Autotrader currently rings in at just under $34,000, and the highest hits a whopping $47,588. When I initially started checking prices several weeks ago, there were cars in the $33,000 range — but there were also quite a few sellers asking far north of $50,000, as well. Most current used options are in the $40,000 range and many have double- or triple-digit mileage numbers showing on the odometer.

Here are a few interesting Honda Civic Type R options.

Lowest Mileage

The lowest mileage CTR on the site is also, unsurprisingly, the most expensive! This white Type R in Bellevue, WA, claims to have only nine miles on the odometer, so it’s basically new. Oddly enough, it’s not listed as Certified.

Highest Mileage

In contrast, the highest mileage Civic Type R currently on Autotrader (also in white) is located in Michigan and has just over 19,000 on the clock. Depending on when they bought it in 2017, that’s a bit above average. But at least it’s Certified!

Most Modified (Looking)

This Honda, available via a private seller (and also in white) gets the award for the most modified … looking. This particular seller actually goes into great detail explaining what’s being sold, but the ad doesn’t mention how, or where, the GT500 stripes came from — or whether they are painted on or (more likely) stuck on. Regardless, this seller’s car definitely stuck out in the crowd of Type Rs for sale.

Type Rs by Color

Do you want the most unique Type-R on the block? Well, here they are, arranged by paint color!

  • Crystal Black Pearl — 34
  • Championship White — 23
  • Rallye Red — 15
  • Polished Metal Metallic — 9
  • Aegean Blue Metallic — 5

You may have noticed that it only adds up to 86, and not 89. Or maybe you didn’t. Either way, I found that three cars are marked as "information unavailable," so we can’t know what color they are. Regardless, that’s a quick update on used Honda Civic Type R models — and prices — from around the country, right here on Autotrader!

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