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This is the Highest-Mileage Audi R8 Currently For Sale on Autotrader

Here’s something you don’t see very often: A 2009 Audi R8 with almost 86,000 miles. That would be normal miles for just about any other 2009 car, but it’s a massive total for the R8. The next-highest-mileage R8 listed on Autotrader has somewhere around 55,000 miles, so this one is certainly an outlier.

This particular Audi R8 is offered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, by Audi Tulsa, and it’s an appealing car: It has a black exterior, a black leather interior and a desirable manual transmission. It’s also a V8 model, which likely makes it a little less expensive than it would be if it had a V10. Just how inexpensive? Audi Tulsa has this R8 listed for $54,888, which is a good price for an R8 — but then again, this one certainly deserves that appealing price due to its mileage.

So who puts 86,000 miles on an R8? According to the Carfax report, this R8 was sold new by Elk Mountain Motors, a small Audi dealership in the Colorado mountains. The first owner registered it in Tulsa and drove it until May, possibly to commute or possibly back and forth to Colorado — it’s hard to tell. The car then arrived at the dealership, who performed a service on it and offered it for sale.

It’s hard to know exactly how much life is left in this R8, though it’s been a fairly reliable car, so this could be a great deal for the next owner.

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