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I Love the Idea of a Ford Mustang SUV

It has recently come to my attention that Ford is planning an SUV based on the Mustang, and some people are up in arms about this very concept. I’m not surprised. People are still complaining that Mitsubishi turned the Eclipse into a crossover even though the last few generations of the Mitsubishi Eclipse were ignored by car enthusiasts and generally agreed to be mediocre. But car enthusiasts, in general, seem to distrust SUVs so dramatically that they’re even disappointed by an SUV version of a car they didn’t really care much about.

And so, of course, it’s an even bigger deal that Ford plans to make an SUV version of a car that enthusiasts actually do care about. Now, it should be noted that Ford has no plans to cancel the Mustang itself, so there’s a bit of a difference here. But still, just taking the Ford Mustang name and SUV-ifying it is enough to bring on serious flak from the car community.

Me, however? I love it — and I have a few reasons why. First, it’s very clear that the market is trending toward SUVs, and so I think it makes sense to have some sporty ones for the car enthusiasts that end up driving an SUV for various reasons. Ford’s only other sporty SUV is the Edge ST, which is reasonably powerful with 335 horses, but ultimately it’s front-wheel drive (or FWD based) and not much of a performer. A Mustang SUV, however, would change that.

I also like the idea of a Ford Mustang SUV because it would translate the Mustang’s muscular styling to an SUV platform. So many modern SUVs have such soft, boring, mediocre and lookalike styling — but an SUV styled like the Mustang would certainly change that if even half of the Mustang’s cool design details make it to the SUV version. That would be awesome.

Then, of course, there’s the fact that Ford is planning to make this Mustang SUV electric — or at least a plug-in in some capacity. Again, I love this idea, as Ford is a bit short on electric and plug-in vehicles, and the market is short on high-performance plug-in and electric vehicles. Save for Tesla, the BMW i8, and a few other stragglers, most electric cars are pretty dull to drive, but theoretically, an electric Mustang SUV wouldn’t be.

Now, admittedly, a lot of my excitement for this vehicle rests on hopes, rather than facts: it’ll be high-performance, it’ll look good, and it’ll be electric. But given that Ford has already hinted that it’ll be an EV or a plug-in, and given the Mustang’s appearance and performance, I think these are all reasonable assumptions. So while car enthusiasts decry the destruction of the Mustang name, I personally am eager to see what Ford comes up with. Find a Ford Mustang for sale

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