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I Once Saw a 1990s Chevy S-10 Blazer in Monaco

A few years ago, I visited Monaco, which is really just the most insane place in the world when it comes to automotive sightings. Over the years in Monaco, I’ve spotted — among others — a Ferrari F40, a Lamborghini LM002, a Bugatti Veyron, a Ferrari Enzo and a Porsche 918 Spyder. Just driving around.

Monaco has all these amazing vehicles in part due to its beauty, as a hillside city situated on the Mediterranean in the French Riviera, but also because it’s a well-known tax haven, levying no income taxes on its residents. So a lot of wealthy people move down there to avoid income taxes, or at least lessen the burden, and they bring along a lot of nice cars.

Interestingly, that also includes this Chevy Blazer. This was in June 2016, and I was walking along down the street in Monaco, near the harbor, and there it was: a 1990s Chevy Blazer, cruising along with all of the exotics and sports cars. It was totally, ridiculously, absurdly insane, far more exciting than seeing a street-parked Porsche Carrera GT or Mercedes-McLaren SLR, which I also saw on this very trip.

The reason, of course, is that basically nobody preserved these Blazers here in North America, where they were built and primarily sold new — and the idea of someone preserving one in Monaco is just truly ridiculous. That’s especially true since this Blazer had Monaco plates, meaning the owner lives in Monaco — a place with some of the highest property values on earth. And this person, undoubtedly wealthy, chooses to drive around in a 1990s Chevy Blazer.

I absolutely love it, of course — the idea that someone who could have basically any car chooses a weird, little-known one that flies in the face of the exotic car climate in the principality. And on the very, very rare occasions when I see one of these Blazers here in North America, I still think back to that one I saw in Monaco and the (obviously interesting) owner who was keeping it going. Find a Chevrolet Blazer for sale

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