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I Ordered a Jeep Gladiator Launch Edition — but I Had Some Problems

With the much anticipated Jeep Gladiator finally revealed and coming out, I decided not to wait 10 years to buy a heavily used and broken example of Jeep’s new convertible pickup truck. Instead of buying the cheapest Gladiator in the U.S., I bought the most expensive one — and I can’t wait for it to arrive. I also think it’s one of my better automotive purchase decisions — but I did have a some hiccups with my order.

I opted for the special launch edition Rubicon, which is the first 4,190 Gladiator models sold to the public. It comes with every option available on the Gladiator Rubicon (except the dual roof package), and it was supposed to be offered on a first-come, first-first served basis that launched on April 4 (4/4, or “4×4”). I was told the website for the launch event would go live at midnight — but when I checked around 7 p.m. the evening before, I was surprised to discover the page was already up. I put in one order request right away — and just in case there were any glitches from submitting early, I sent in another request at midnight.

Around noon the following day, I got the call from a Gladiator concierge congratulating me for my order, followed by an immediate handoff to a representative at the Jeep dealer closest to me. The problem was, I had already made arrangements with my trade-in at another Jeep dealership — and when I told them this, there appeared to be some hurt feelings. Jeep stated in the launch event terms that I could select any dealer of my choice — which I eventually got after a few more phone calls — but I’ve received at least six follow-up emails, phone calls and texts from the dealer I chose not to work with. So instead of a white glove concierge treatment Jeep was trying to achieve with their latest offering, I had a more “typical” new car shopping experience.

Obviously, buying a brand new vehicle is not something I’m known for, but it will be a replacement for my current work truck — my 2017 GMC Sierra Denali. Kelley Blue Book lists the Sierra fourth-highest in best resale values — and since most Sierra trucks are sold with deep discounts from MSRP, including mine, I didn’t lose much on depreciation buying this truck new and trading it in two years later on the Gladiator. There will be some things I miss about my Sierra Denali, like the effortless towing and magnetic ride control suspension — but it’s not enough for me to resist switching to a Jeep pickup truck with a convertible roof.

Coincidentally, number two on KBB’s list for best resale values is the Jeep Wrangler, which is sandwiched between the Toyota Tacoma and the Tundra. So I suspect the Wrangler pickup truck will be another very smart buy new, as well — but I’m not usually known for making good decisions. Maybe I’m missing something — although I’m comforted by the fact that the Gladiator has the highest DougScore of any vehicle I’ve ever purchased. For once, Daddy Doug approves! Find a Jeep Gladiator for sale

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