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The Isuzu Oasis: The Rebadged Honda Odyssey That Time Forgot

Back in the early- to mid-1990s, Honda and Isuzu entered into an agreement that must have made several Japanese businessmen very happy until the sake wore off. Isuzu agreed to sell the Rodeo and Trooper SUVs to Honda so they could be rebadged as the Honda Odyssey and the Acura SLX, and Honda agreed to let Isuzu rebadge the Honda Odyssey as the Isuzu Oasis. At the time, the deal made slightly more sense — Suzuki had shut down passenger-car production in 1993, and Honda wanted a piece of that hot American SUV market but had nothing in the chamber ready to go. What could go wrong? See the Isuzu Oasis models for sale near you

The people at the top of Isuzu probably thought they had just hit a home run. The Honda Odyssey was winning awards left and right and selling almost as fast as the Civic, so a rebadged Odyssey would probably fly off the lots. Isuzu bet that rational consumers would look at the Oasis — which was almost exactly the same as the Odyssey in every way — see that it was cheaper and had a better warranty and make the obvious choice. There really was no reason to buy the Honda Odyssey over the Oasis, unless you irrationally were dead set on buying a van with a chrome “H” on the front.

Unfortunately for Isuzu, plenty of consumers were irrationally dead set on buying the van with a chrome “H” on the front. Honda’s brand recognition caused the Odyssey to dramatically outsell the Oasis at a rate of 33 to 1. By the end of the first generation, Honda had sold over 300,000 Odysseys, while Isuzu struggled to sell 3,000 units a year throughout the entire production run, with most Oasis models going on to live hard lives as New York City taxicabs.

Today, the Oasis is extremely rare. Considering the low sales numbers and the fact that most are probably rotting in junkyards by now, you’d probably turn heads at Cars and Coffee if you arrived in one. There are a plethora of minivans for sale under $5,000 available on Autotrader, and this Isuzu Oasis can be yours for a low price of $3,995.. The seller quickly points out: “THIS IS A HONDA ODYSSEY DISGUISED AS A Isuzu Oasis!!”

It seems like the Oasis still can’t get respect. Find an Isuzu Oasis for sale

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  1. Ummm…Suzuki did not shut down passenger car production in 1993. Suzuki was still selling passenger cars (in the US at least) until 2014 and is still selling them in other parts of the world. 

  2. I always wanted a car that had a random twin, even in another country. I had a couple of Acura TSXs and although it wasn’t that crazy of a switch, I thought about changing them over to a Honda Accords since they were just the Euro-version of that. 

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