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It’s OK to Park Your Ferrari or Lamborghini on the Street in Miami Beach

I recently spent a week in the tropical hot-spot destination of Miami Beach. Home to a warm climate, beautiful beaches and booming nightlife, it is no surprise that a unique car scene follows. While nearly everyone I saw was buzzing by in top-down Ford Mustangs or Chevrolet Camaro convertibles, the overwhelming number of Ferrari and Lamborghini models I saw was impressive — and furthermore, they were all street parked … at night. While I would shudder in fear of my $200,000-plus supercar being damaged, vandalized or sat on by inebriated people taking Instagram photos, I saw many of them unattended in the dark. As a note to our editor Doug DeMuro, I would also like to point out they all had black wheels.

In addition to street-parked exotics, I saw some nice older American steel. Although susceptible to a yearly hurricane season, South Florida’s environment is kind to older rides that would otherwise deteriorate in harsher weather. In addition to the friendly climate, there is no emission or safety inspection requirement in Florida, which keeps many aging vehicles on the road — for better or worse. On the street, I saw a fantastic Chevrolet C/K resto-mod truck, with a patina’d logo for a fictional "Boo’s Garage" on the side. I also saw a Ford Galaxie resto-mod with a seemingly original paint job and a lowered ride, sporting period-correct aftermarket wheels. I am a huge fan of resto-mods. While there are many classic cars that should be kept original, the original equipment on 1950s-1970s American cars can be upgraded easily and inexpensively for huge gains in performance and safety.

In Miami, I also saw many luxo-barges, as a beachside cruise in a Rolls-Royce or Bentley Continental Convertible apparently seems like an ideal means of transport for the moneyed. They seem to blend right in with the colorful pastel art deco facades of Ocean Drive. Above, a Rolls-Royce (with a parking ticket) is pictured in the background of a Lamborghini Murcielago, and a Bentley Continental GTC is shown alongside another common sight in Florida — a lifted Chevrolet truck.

It is nice to be reminded that there is a diverse automotive landscape around the world. Whether it’s at a car meet, a track event or just seen on the street, car culture takes different forms wherever you go. Here in Miami Beach, the rides are flashy and shown off parked on the street and outside of hotels, providing an essential service to the see-and-be-seen neon-drenched landscape of Miami. Find a Ferrari for sale

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